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What Your Really Want To Know!

Be your own designer! Do you want to wear your own fashion designs, need team tees, event T-shirts or maybe family reunion shirts? Use our Design Studio to get "What You Want on What You Wear"! Go ahead get comfortable and design with style and we'll do the rest. Your custom imprinted apparel will be on your door step with our Free Standard Shipping Option in just 14 Days! Call us if you need help.  Enjoy!


Can I get a quote?

Of course, it's important you feel comfortable doing business with us. When you go into our Design Studio at the bottom of your screen will be an "Get a Quote" tab, which will give you pricing information. We pride ourselves on being one of the lowest priced Online Design Programs available, plus we offer FREE Shipping!​

Money Saving Tips

Can I get what I want and still save money?

​​To keep your price down the simple truth is design a garment with a 1 color, 1 location imprint.  More colors to imprint and more imprint location (for example, a front and back imprint) raises the production cost of printing. Big saving can also come with the volume of garments you order. Yes, we do offer price breaks - the more you buy the more you save! You can always mix garments (hoods, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, etc.) to gain additional items for a larger price discount - - just make sure your imprint, imprint location(s) and imprint color(s) stay the same on all garments.


Can I cut down on the number of colors in my design to save money?

One smart way to save money is to use your garment color as one of your design colors. Select the design piece you want as the garment color, from the "Colors in Design" viewer, select the first color choice (it will have a line through the box). That is a "Transparent Color", click on that color choice and your garment will be the color for that part of your design. One less imprint color to pay for!!

Are there any other factors to consider to save money?

To keep your price down, also, consider the type of garments you are choosing. The new fashion tees (softstyle or trendy styles) are more costly than the standard Gildan 100% cotton tee. Remember: it is not the size of imprint that cost the money it is the number of colors and number of locations to be printed.


Explain your Copyright Policy?

We will not print copyrighted images (unless the proper paperwork can be given). Please do not create a design using nonauthorized images. If you have questions about our policy contact us.

Will my imprint color be what I want?

All standard orders designed in the Design Studio are based on our "Best Match Policy" unless stated otherwise by you. Our Graphic Design Team will select from our available stock imprint colors to best match the color you see on your monitor. However, please note all monitors show different color variations. We will contact you with any questions. 

Can you use my design and/or images in your advertising?

Yes, we would love to! We want to show off what you have done! Unless otherwise stated you give us the right to use your art, photos, images, etc. to be used on various platforms, such as, but not limited to, our website, Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinrest. If you are uncomfortable with us using your designs and/or images please let us know when you place your order (make a note in the Note Box), if you do not specify we will assume we have your full permission to share your amazing design(s) and images.

How will my garments be imprinted?

Good question! Your garments can be imprint several ways. Depending on the number of garments ordered, the type of garment(s) and the material of the garment(s), we use several different imprinting methods. For smaller orders your imprint will probably be done on our state-of-art Direct-To-Garment printer or a vinyl cut imprint. Larger orders will be screen printed.


Inaccuracy of an Order - How did that happen?

When placing your order is it your responsibility to check that the following information is correct (we have for years tried to read minds, but it just doesn't work!)  Know the garment(s) you want - sizing, quantities, style, and color(s). It's important to check your imprint information - imprint color(s), location(s), spelling and size. Is your deadline and shipping information correct? We work off whatever information you give us, please check your work.

How do I know my sizes?

We do our best to provide you with Sizing Charts that are provided by our vendors - Please Note: all vendors allow for a variance of +/- 7%. At the top and bottom of the page is a link to our Sizing Charts. Know your product code to research the correct sizing reference chart. Due to the many variations of brands, styles and sizes of the garments we carry we cannot guarantee any fit/sizing of garments. Take special note that the new fashion tees run smaller and tighter than standard T-shirts. You are designing CUSTOM apparel, there are no exchanges or returns -- we have no one else to sell your order to!!

How can I add names and numbers to my shirts?

For an additional charge you can add personal names and numbers to the back of your shirts in our Design Studio. There is an icon on the leftside of the program you can click on. Add your color, number size and font along with the name and/or number per size you want. It's that easy!

How can I add NOTES in the program?

It is very easy to communicate with us by adding notes in the Design Studio - we encourage you to use this feature! In the Design Studio, there is an option at the bottom of the left side. Click the "Add Notes" button, write us your notes and make sure you click "SAVE" after your entry. 

What does "Pending Auth" mean?

If the status of  your order is "Pending Auth", this simply means your order is being processed through our Order Authorization System. If we need any additional information from you in regards to your order, we will contact you.

What are your Deadline Guidelines?

If you have a strict deadline please contact us or communicate with us in the Notes Section in the Shopping Cart. If delivery is needed in less than 14 days, then shipping charges for our 7 day delivery time frame will be charged. We cannot be held responsible for missed deadlines due to holidays, weather conditions, shipping delays, vendor shortages, power interruptions or other unforeseen events. We do observe the traditional American holidays, about 10 yearly.

More questions needing more answers!

​​Hey, when all else fails just email us or call us! We are here for you. We want your experience on our Designer Program to be the best. Your questions may help us serve other customers even better!  Enjoy!

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